Keep Sharkbite’s art installation

The council have aked Sharkbite to remove the mural painted on the front of their buidling, read up on why and sign the petition if you would like to see it stay:
Shark Bite Graffiti Mural Petition | GoPetition

Here is an excerpt from the petition:

Bristol City Council has asked the owner to remove the mural as they believe it is advertising. Sharkbite is a family run independent business which has promoted and encouraged young people to keep active in alternative sports for over 15 years. The mural was funded by the owner on his own building from his own pocket so why is he not allowed to put the name of his shop on his building when other corporate establishment are able to on rented buildings. Bristol City Council has funded street art events from its budget and actively encourages tourists to visit the city due to the work produced mainly independently by the artists from around the city. Why is this any different from what is being seen in Stokes Croft, Easton, Nelson Street or Bedminster?

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